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Commissions ARE OPEN!!!!!

* Full refunds will not be given once work has started, however, If for any reason a refund is needed I will do my best to accommodate your needs but please keep in mind once work has begun a full refund will not be given due to time and work put into your commission.
* Unless otherwise worked out between you and me, I will only start work on your commission once payment has been received.
* I have the right to decline a commission
* If you have a deadline, please make this apparent before I start the commission.
* Commissions *must* be sent to Or it WILL be ignored.
* Payment in USD
* tell me the EXACT TYPE of COMMISSION

175 points base photo.
180 points fansign between the boobs
600 points basic nude
800 points Nude with fansign
950 points topless with toy (sent to emails only)
1050 points nude with toy( sent to emails only)
1050 points nude futanari (sent to emails only)

$3 dollars for base photo clothed
$3 clothed fan sign
$8 basic nude and fan sign between the boobs
$8 for a basic nude

$10 Advanced nude(showing a bit more)
$10 nude with fansign
$12 topless with toy (sent emails only)
$15 Nude with toy (sent emails only)
$15 nude Furanari pic (sent toy emails only)
$22 nude and sucking toy


will update soon :)

More to come soon! Or shoot me a question about how much something is and I’ll let you know ^^


MsShinra has started a donation pool!
600 / 20,000
For premium and maybe a couple prints i've been pining for!

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    Donated May 16, 2014, 1:35:37 PM
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    Donated Feb 18, 2014, 12:21:20 PM


A lot of my favorites would be wished for too :D
also some of the items like panties aren't going to see while i'm dating someone so please use discretion

This is for things if you wish to get me a presie or have me wear something for a shoot :)

Which gag pic for the month of august? 

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4 deviants said BEEP BOOP MY OPTIONS

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 21, 2014, 11:46 AM

1. You must post these rules

2. Each person has to share 10 things about themselves

3. Answer 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions you tag will answer.

4. Choose 10 people +put their icons on your journal.

5. Go to their pages and inform them they have been TAGGED!

6. Not something silly like: 'you are tagged you read this'.

7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.

8. No tag-backs

9. Can't say,no tags

10. Everyone that has been tagged must make a journal entry.


1. Grew up on Batman the animated series, X-men, reboot, TMNT and other awesome cartoons. I love my super hero shows. Never had money for comics. But want too.. Actually I have Ravine. And 3 other comics :) one of them is done  by Neil Gaiman 

2. My mom modeled and was in a Billy Idol music video which them terminated it.And my big sister modeled too. Mom always told me notto get this or that in case i wanted to model.I said "PFFT me model hahah No way. " and well.. She was right. 

3. I have a drawing dA But cannot remember the pw

4. I have Celiacs disease so when contaminated I tend to bloat up. It sucks when a model. 

5. I have two bilogical sisters. And a lot of siblings who were friends that were adopted into my family. The friends who are my family are the family I prefer to have. The saying goes, 'Family is what you make of" and these people who know who they are. Are the ones I want to be 'related' too

6. I almost lost me mum for the second time. This year I was old enough to bear the weight of dealing with all the things necessary when she died. Which she almost did. 

7. When I was young I wrote my emotions out, I tend to do that when the inspiration gets to me.. 

8. I love thunderstorms! I was afraid of them till I was 9?(i was grade 4 or 5?) till my uncle Jim who help make me who I am today. Helped me get over my fear. Now I get excited for the storms to cleanse the air and electrify everything giving it some new power as if to recharge the land and make it flourish! Tis my belief anyways >.>

9. My eye change colours, and can mix within each other. 

10. I love vampires. I fell in love with them when I was 5 years of age and watched Interview with the Vampire. I thought I had one more to read but then found out Anne Rice is coming out with a new Lestat book!! Oh how I'd love to get one and get it signed!!



1. What type of music do you listen to?  I have an eclectic taste in music. It can be from classical, jpop, industrial, jrock, pop, visual kei, Dance, electronic, alternative, new wave, pop, rock,R&B, Hip-hop, black metal (I like some not many VERY picky), Electro Gothic, Goth synth, alt rock, country, country rock, dark cabaret, dark wave, electric house. Etc you get the idea xD

2. People have also asked me on a few occasions whats my favourite song? I can't say what is my ONLY fav song.. But I have many. Sidonia by Angela, Ich Tu Dir Weh - Rammstein,Love Cats by the Cure, Cassis by the GazettE, Sweet sixteen by Billy Idol, Ding dong dong by Gunther. Man I miss the spice girls xD Guard you by Miyavi, i have many but those are all i can think of thus far! 

3. Favorite tv cartoon? this was also another one asked by those when we get talking :) Uh, wow.. I'd have to say as a kid on sat mornings it was a toss up between X-men, Batman and Reboot. My sister and I would have bowlsand bowls of cereal  (when we could afford to) and sit watching sat morning cartoons before mom woke up 

4. Whats your favourite fetish?  this one is touch for me to actually say because I'm still really learning about myself and my fetishes still. Some I'm on the fence about. I dont do many kinks often and its driving me up the wall

5. Favourite colour? Black, Silver, blood red, green, violet, blue 

6. Which type of shoes to you want really bad?  Biker boots or something like a Doc.. Mmm 202 eye cherry Doc Marten @.@

7. Instagram or Twitter? I have both

8. What is something you love to wear right now? If it is like an accessory then an over shirt that's nice and flowy, or my rose ring from Necrosarium  Or my tacky heart/fake pearl or my bell with fake pearl necklaces

9. If you were a mutant what power do you want? Uh, I have empathy atm, so maybe to have the strength like Rougue or maybe teleportation like nightcrawler or maybe being able to shift into animals like or.. being able to heal fast :)
10. Favorite Beatle? Jon Lennon

My Questions:
1. Favorite X-men character and why
2. Favorite movie of all time?
3. Would you want to live forever?
4. Favourite book and why?
5. Facebook or Tumblr?
6. Do you think you have an ego?
7. If you could date a celeb who would it be and why?
8. If you play video games, what is your current game and all time favorite?
9. Cats or dogs?
10. What makes you feel most at peace mentally and spiritually?

I tag 
1 :iconBmulhoproarist:
2 :iconnecrosarium:
3 :iconlonewolfninja89: 
4 :iconrvfanatic1:
5 :iconmuuknight:
6 :iconsaneperson:
7 :iconk-koji:
8 :iconkate-fox:
9 :iconnaschi:
10 :iconmast3rsniper:

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  • Listening to: do what you want - Lady gaga ft r kelly
  • Reading: FrostIron fanfic and a Drarry fic
  • Drinking: water


MsShinra's Profile Picture
Artist | Other
I'm Ms Shinra, I am a 23 year old female living in the beautiful Western Canada. I am extremely interested in Fetish Modeling and would like to learn about it, as well as modeling in general, from the many talented and experienced people in the community. It is a dream of mine to be able to work as a Fetish Model.
I really would like the chance to meet and work with a lot of new people, as meeting people is something I really enjoy!
Victorian era clothing is something that really interests me, and I would really like for a chance to do some work involving that. I also enjoy cosplay and would love to have the chance to have the two things I love, come together for a shoot!
I am strongly influenced and inspired by strong beautiful women, and I would like that to show in my work.
I have more photos on my Deviant Art, so if you want to see more please check that out.
Don't be afraid to shoot me a message I wont bite
Thank you so much for your time!
Ms Shinra

P.S If you wish to use one of my photos for a drawing or so for PLEASE SEND A NOTE.

P.P.S PLEASE DON'T ASK IF I HAVE SKYPE! I ONLY ADD FRIENDS THANK YOU… <-- my fb page if you want to support

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